About Us

The concept of the game was thought of and designed by Andrew Simmill – Managing Director of a successful Engineering Company in Stoke on Trent. He was out shopping with his wife and three daughters and one asked him for some money to buy an item of clothing. Andrew replied by stating that he has no money, His daughter responded by asking him to use his card. He quickly relaised that children believe that you can simply pay for items on a credit card or use your card to withdraw money out of the wall without a thought of paying it back.

That evening Andrew created a very simple game with a dice made up of paper, He spoke to several people about and realised that there was a huge need for a education around money and personal finance. He later designed the first credit 4life boardgame and arranged for the game to be PATENT protected and Trademarked. In addition the game is copy wrighted.

He then lauched the game with the help of Churnet view Middle School in Leek, to where his daughters went,.

We then and got some news coverage in the Leek Post and Evening Sentinel including the BBC who came out and filmed the lauch.

After sending several letters to schools and the education authorities he found him hitting obstacles to a produce within the educational resources.

We requested that ALL educational resources have to be PFEG approved and curriculum referenced

We employed the assistance of a local charity, the Caudwell Children's charity to helped to obtain the PFEG accredition which was granted in November 2008.

We now have stock of the game and and ready for a launch

Credit4life is a trading company of Rayne Precision Engineering limited, VAT number is GB 592 4117 38
Company Number is 3004481