The Game

Credit 4 Life is a new innovative board game designed to demonstrate how easy individuals  can get themselves into debt !

The present invention arose out of a need for a device and method to enable the teaching of credit card debt management to new & existing consumers. Credit card debt is a significant portion of debt accumulated by individuals, many of whom allow credit card debt to surpass their ability to service that debt.

At present, there are various board games available that involve asset accumulation (e.g. Monopoly), however, many such games possess inherent disadvantages when compared to our game:

The game uses real-life situations, but is geared toward individuals who have recently, or are preparing to leave school.

Highlighting the importance of the generation of income in excess of expenses is the goal. Cash flow management is a requirement. The game uses everyday life expenses that one might incur.

While liabilities are part of the game, the generation of income is the principal purpose, and the awareness of credit card debt. Furthermore, the game is geared toward individuals who, typically do not have the debt management concerns of the average adult in real debt situations.

Each Patented board game consists of the following

  • Laminated Game Board

  • Dice & Shaker

  • 4 Playing Counters

  • Set of Debit / Credit recording slips

The game enables a maximum of 4 players per game, and can be played either at home or within a supervised class room environment.

The game commences with each player choosing a colour playing counter and a debit / credit recording slip. In addition, each player must insert a debit total of £1500.00 prior to starting the game.

Each player then takes it in turn to roll the die and moves clockwise around the board, either earning money or spending on the credit card.

Instructions for playing

Option One

Play continues for a minimum of 1 circut around the board (or how many decided by teacher/parent), on completion of the circuits, players should calculate their final credit or debit balance, including savings. The winner is the person with the most credit or least debit balance.

Option Two

As soon as one player reaches £5,000 in debt, the winner is the person with the least amount of debt or has the most savings.

Option Three

No limits - play and enjoy!